Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Signs Agreement to Pilot the Cartula Mobile Clinical App

9th of May, 2019

The Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals Network (SCHN) has always been at the forefront of healthcare technology. Industry leaders in the southern hemisphere, The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network are aware that the recent innovations in how people use their devices has changed how they want to consume information and stay up-to-date. This includes both staff and patients who, like many in the modern world, are increasingly reliant to their mobile devices. Cartula International is part of this change and has signed an agreement to provide SCHN with a mobile solution in the form of Cartula Clinical.


The Cartula Clinical App is a centralised solution to support the clinical process. It supports key workflows like document consultations, billing, intra-organisational referrals and scanning medical documents. This allows doctors to input and update information on the fly, cutting down the time needed to manage patient documentation. And by being fully integrated to Electronic Medical Record (eMR) and billing systems, Cartula Mobile creates a single source of accurate data within the hospital environment.


The Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network has been working closely with Cartula to ensure the capabilities of the app meet their needs. Cartula has decades of experience in the documentation and billing structures used in hospitals and together with industry visionaries, seeks to bring a portable, efficient solution to the healthcare services.


The Cartula Clinical App is slated to go live in early 2020.


Find out more about Cartula Mobile – Clinical here.

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