Use of Mobility in a Clinical Setting



  • Improve clinician access to patient data

  • Aggregate data from multiple systems into single interface

  • Provide access and aggregated data into a mobile application




The challenge was to develop mobile systems for a number of hospitals and clinics whose scale was 832 beds across 5 facilities and 86,000 inpatient presentations annually. It was important that doctors could collaborate both internal to the hospital and from remote locations.


Data was aggregated from results, pathology and PACS through a central system. Results from all of these systems were combined into a single interface across either tablets or mobile devices and made available internally or externally.


Within 12 months over 300 of the hospital’s doctors were reporting significant workflow improvements. A particular benefit highlighted by the doctors was the ability to review test results and order tests from remote locations.




  • Clinical staff became engaged in the mobility program

  • Over a 40% reduction in time taken to complete a ward round

  • Nurses time was significantly freed up because they were no longer required to communicate test results of patients to doctors

  • Improved clinician access to information created fast decision making which reduced the number of days a patient spent in the hospital

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