Mobility Helps Hospital Improve Revenue



  • Staff specialists within a private hospital were not efficient at capturing all patient billings

  • The existing process was manual. The problems were either patient visits were not recorded at all or the complete outcomes of a visit were not recorded in the medical record

  • The aim was to improve billing for the hospital and clinical outcomes for the patient

  • The manual process of clerical staff entering billing detail and following up clinicians to reconcile consultation and billing details was extremely inefficient




The challenge was to develop a mobile system for a hospital containing over 300 beds, 30,000 inpatient presentations a year with approximately 200 staff specialists.


A mobile application was developed to capture billing information in real-time at the bedside as clinicians were performing patient services.


The mobile application was integrated with the PAS and allowed the clinician to view current inpatient list, quickly record the services performed, and automatically fed into the patient billing system for processing. A future version of the mobile application allowed the clinician to create brief clinical notes which integrated directly into the EMR.




  • The application proved to improve hospital revenue by 9% annually

  • Significant productivity gains amongst clinical and clerical staff

  • Improved accuracy of clinical notes

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