Cartula Enterprise

Cartula Enterprise is a fully integrate hospital management system that incorporates patient management, an Electronic Health Record, clinical systems and back-office systems. The system has been developed with its core infrastructure based on the functional requirements of clinicians within a busy hospital environment (inpatient, emergency department or outpatient setting).


The strength of Enterprise lies in its proven alignment with existing core clinical workflows and ability to provide quality, timely and secure access to patient information that enhances patient care. Enterprise also integrates with government funding initiatives such as BPJS.


Clinical information is captured and provided in a logical, comprehensive, patient centric and cost-effective manner, which ultimately culminates in a comprehensive electronic record of treatment for the episodes of care. It offers:

  • Consumers/ Patients: A secure patient centric record;

  • Clinicians: A user friendly, intuitive system refined over many years to support clinical care; and

  • Technical staff: A reliable high performing scalable system, easy to implement, support and maintain.


Enterprise enables organisations to provide a complete and comprehensive summary of the patient’s episode of care to external clinicians (GPs, Specialists) and/or other electronic systems.

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