Cartula is committed to providing low-cost healthcare solutions to communities most in need. Currently, we have solutions available in India and Indonesia, and are discussing region-catered solutions with a range of other nations.




With University and NGO support, Cartula is committed to providing affordable health support in rural India - often in areas that do not have access to care locally.


Cartula India currently uses the Cartula Telemedicine app, Cartula Health app, and the Cartula maternity solution, Janani. We work with villages to set up locally run micro-labs for access to health data, which is supported by our telemedicine product and other Cartula services.


Every day in India more than 800 women and 7,000 babies lose their lives during pregnancy and childbirth.  99% are due to negligence and a lack of education, so with regular check-ups, maternity guides, and patient-doctor communication, the vast majority of these deaths can be prevented. Cartula helps give these young families the boost they need, with access to skilled care both during pregnancy and childbirth.


Janani Maternity provides support for women and their family’s understanding of fertility, pregnancy, and newfound motherhood. This includes information on diet, prenatal tips, one-on-one personal guidance, and consultation support



The Cartula Maternity app is also offered in Indonesia, providing fertility, dietary and parental tips to mothers and their family. With the focus on education and support to expectant mothers, it was well received and now in use across the country.

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