Industry Leaders

Cartula is a group of professionals committed to delivering accessible healthcare systems to clinicians and patients alike.


Cartula’s team has significant experience in the healthcare sector with over 35 years as leaders in the healthcare industry.


Our team is a dynamic group that can create and integrate effective healthcare solutions for both developing and sophisticated markets.


Our technology helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinicians, while empowering the patient through connected care.


Cartula is a mix of medical professionals and IT experts. Collectively the team has many years of combined experience in the fields of professional services.


Specifically, the Cartula business and has deep experience in:


  • Starting up and growing businesses in the many and varied fields of IT, including cyber security, large systems, transport, law, corporate risk and government;

  • Running and maintaining large hospital systems, at the CIO level, for world class hospitals;

  • Medical experience in Paediatrics, large hospital expertise both at the clinical and leadership level, and leadership roles in the development of health and technology;

  • Strategic and operational leadership in the creation and deployment of complex health IT systems, leadership positions in health research and development, and IT deployment skills across private hospitals, public hospitals and large government departments; and

  • Senior Nursing leadership experience with organisations such as the WHO, the World Bank, AusAID and various universities within and outside of Indonesia and Australia.


The focus of the group and their skills is to bring efficient, cost effective and elegant health solutions to clinicians and patients, wherever in the world they practice and live.

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