Cartula Working With Faculty of Nursing - Universitas Indonesia

18th of April, 2019

In the first half of 2019 Cartula has been working on creating and strengthening its relationships with important Indonesian organisations. One of these vital collaborations is with Universitas Indonesia who has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Cartula International to further educate each other and deepen cultural ties. The two enterprises are currently conducting trials of Cartula’s Mother and Child Health app at various puskesmas (clinics) across Indonesia. As part of the MOU, Cartula and Universitas Indonesia have been analysing workshops both past and present with the Faculty of Nursing to gather feedback on the app.


By working directly with the Faculty of Nursing, small groups of expectant mothers have been testing the Mother and Child Health app. This hands-on research is critical to the rollout process, ensuring that upon launch that Cartula’s application will be able to best assist mothers through their pregnancy and into motherhood. Initial testing has proven to be very positive with both nurses and mothers finding the Mother and Child Health app a useful companion guide. Along with the positive feedback, the review data has been collated and evaluated to make further improvements to the app; and the partnership between Universitas Indonesia and Cartula International enables a quick and reliable way to produce, rework and test outcomes.


Both groups are looking forward to a continued beneficial exchange of ideas and talent over the coming years.

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