Cartula Presents Products to the Indonesian Military Hospital

13th of September, 2019

During September Cartula International met with the Rumah Sakit Angkatan Darat Gatot Soebroto, Indonesia’s primary military hospital. It caters for military and government personnel, including the current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo. As one of Indonesia’s longest running institutions; Gatot Soebroto celebrated its 200th anniversary this year and, as in the past, is looking to lead Jakarta’s healthcare industry into the future. Part of this involves the growing integration between technology and health, and how those changes will support patients and staff through their current challenges. Cartula visited to showcase their General Health App and discuss the coming innovations.


At the meeting Gatot Soebroto pursued a strong interest in the General Health App (focusing on Maternity). As a military hospital, personnel and their family members are guided through over 1000 births every month. Due to the influx of pregnancies, nurses and midwives are looking for an in-depth and personalised tool to assist the expectant mothers through their pregnancy and into early motherhood. Cartula’s General Health App is the standout choice, with trials currently being discussed.


Gatot Soebroto and Cartula International are currently working towards a Memorandum of Understanding and building ties to collaborate over the coming years.

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