Cartula India Receives Endorsement from Government Officials

Cartula India’s determination to make a difference to rural India through our health solution alongside the free distribution of our Janani maternity app has been recognised by multiple Government Officials in India.  At our core, we believe we can provide affordable healthcare opportunities to groups and individuals that currently have limited options available to them.


In India 75% of the population lives in rural India and is serviced by 25% of the doctors. Our Cartula General Health solution provides low cost access to support via telemedicine for people in their homes.


Child and parent mortality is a significant issue in India with over 7000 babies and 700 mothers losing their lives during pregnancy and childbirth every day. Most of these deaths can be prevented by education on when to see a doctor and how to track the health of both the mother and child during pregnancy. The free Janani Maternity app is designed to educate, inform, and provide support for families expecting a child. The app has been tirelessly distributed among many villages across India through a range of community outreach programs. Cartula is committed to continuing this program to support rural India.


These efforts have been endorsed by multiple Government Officials including:


N. Gokulakrishnan - Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu - Member of Parliament Lok Sabha Srikakulam

Dr GS Dharmesh - Minister of State, Social welfare Department, Uttar Pradesh

Chasudhry Udabhan Singh - Minister of state MSME, Export Promotion Department, Uttar Pradesh

Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan - Legislative Assembly Uttar Pradesh

Mahesh Goyal - Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly

Navin Jain - First Person of the City of Taj, Chairman of The Mayor’s Council of India


Cartula International and Cartula India thank these officials for their continued support and for sharing our desire to make a difference in rural India.

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