At Cartula, we believe that healthcare should be a simple-to-manage process. We looked at popular, intuitive technologies and developed an integrated solution for clinicians, patients, and individuals that link eMR systems to patient’s mobile phones. Now you can control your healthcare from the palm of your hand.



The Cartula Health application is available for patients and their caregivers as a simple, intuitive way to manage their healthcare journey.

Clinicians, Professionals

Cartula Health offers a completely integrated solution for eMR systems that intuitively blend into your current day to day processes. Our system integration is tailored to your needs.


Cartula is committed to providing low-cost healthcare solutions to communities most in need. Currently, we have solutions available in India and Indonesia, and are discussing region-catered solutions with a range of other nations.

Customer Resources

Our FAQ, support documentation, and Online Support Desk for users of the Cartula Health application is available here.


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