Cartula is a group of professionals committed to delivering accessible healthcare systems to clinicians and patients alike. Our team has significant experience in healthcare with over 35 years as industry leaders in the ever-changing clinical landscape. With our intuitive technology you can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of clinicians, while empowering the patient through connected care.


Industry Leaders

With decades of experience in both the medical and IT industries, Cartula aims to drive the global state of healthcare into the future.

Connecting the Patient

Cartula Health is the next step in patient-centric healthcare. Give your clients access to everything they need to know about their healthcare journey direct on their mobile devices.

Portable, Professional

Cartula Clinical brings you the clinical experience to your team's mobile devices, With its easy to learn interface and an assortment of essential on-the-go features, Clinical is the perfect compliment to your current medical systems.

Always Integrated

Our bridging software, Cartula Integrate, is the perfect solution to help merge your existing systems with new technologies. Our team of professionals will investigate and customise Integrate until it is the optimal conduit for you and your team.


Ready to meet our team?

Cartula is designed, managed and nurtured by some of the IT and Healthcare industry's top professionals. Click through to learn more about our expert team.


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